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Streamline your equity management with our easy-to-use platform, tailored for growing businesses. Our solution combines expert financial guidance with a focus on user-friendliness, ensuring you attract and retain top talent effortlessly.

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We assist companies in all development stages, from startups to public companies.
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Integrate with your HR platform!

Experience the seamless integration of our portal with your HR platforms, revolutionizing the way you manage and streamline employee data.


Employee Portal

Boost transparency with easy access to equity details, streamlined document management, and comprehensive support, helping employees effectively manage their incentives.


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Administrator Portal

Streamline equity management with automated tracking of grants, real-time transaction monitoring, and easy creation of complex vesting schedules, ensuring efficiency and control over all equity-related activities.

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and accounting

Replace complex spreadsheets with a secure, error-reducing system that includes simulation tools for financial forecasting and compliance with key financial standards, all backed by expert support.

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Cap table management

Get a detailed and dynamic view of your company's ownership structure through our user-friendly platform, enabling informed decision-making and efficient equity management.

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    Supporting purchase and saving programs.

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    Supporting VSOPs and Personio integration.

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    All equity instruments with the beneficial Danish tax scheme 7P.

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    Warrants and warrant buy-backs.

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    Supporting 100+ countries worldwide.

Empower your team with equity incentives

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