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Cap table

Get a detailed and dynamic view of your company's ownership structure, enabling informed decision-making and efficient equity management.

Your Cap Table Simplified

With our user-friendly, self-service platform, manage your digital cap table effortlessly and gain detailed insights.


Introducing our user-friendly platform, designed to help you efficiently manage your cap table. It provides a comprehensive overview, giving you insights into your company’s roles, share classes, and shareholder compositions. Empower yourself to make informed decisions and enhance communication with this versatile tool, offering you a comprehensive perspective on your Cap Table insights.

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Gain a comprehensive breakdown of ownership within your Cap Table, showcasing share classes, corresponding percentages, and Dilutive Quantities. Effortlessly identify specific ownership structures, acquiring valuable insights. Utilize the dynamic time filtering feature to view your cap table at any desired point in time, offering a unique perspective on changes in the ownership landscape. 

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Track Equity History

In this segment, explore a chronologically arranged timeline showcasing your company's equity journey, complete with a synopsis of new share class introductions. This holistic snapshot empowers you to trace the transformation of your company's equity framework through time.

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Add transactions

Maintain control over your cap table with ease. Add Transaction types, Share Issues, Transfers, Share Splits, and Share Reclassification, designed to provide flexibility in managing your cap table's various equity-related activities.

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Other features

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    Employee Portal

    Enhance transparency with accessible equity details, streamlined document management, and robust support for effective incentive management

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    Feature included Easy vesting
    Feature included Events
    Feature included Documents
    Feature included Portfolio details
    Feature included Support
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    Valuation and accounting

    Upgrade from spreadsheets to secure software with simulation tools and expert financial compliance support.

    Feature included Valuations
    Feature included Security
    Feature included Accounting
    Feature included Simulations & budgeting
    Feature included Audit trail

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