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Managing big numbers of awards

Case study

icon1 Construction and Civil Engineering
icon2 Oslo, Norway
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Company overview

The Norwegian-based company, Veidekke, is one of the largest construction and civil engineering companies in Scandinavia. The company was founded in 1936, but their roots go back to 1863 in Denmark and 1896 in Norway. In June 1986 Veidekke was quoted on the Oslo Stock Exchange’s main list.


Veidekke has a share purchase program for their employees which contains a huge amount of participants.

They have had an own department to handle everything related to the program, but it becomes more complex and time-consuming. Hence, they wanted a consultant to help with the design of the program and later to outsource the administration of the share purchase program.
Furthermore, Veidekke has a lot of young employees with lack of liquidity to buy shares.


As an expert in designing purchase programs, Optio is a helpful resource for Veidekke.

Veidekke's employees have been given access to the Optio portal and got an overview of their shares and values. With Optio, equity incentives are automated. Thus, Veidekke gets more effective and time-saving.


Our team is always here to help answer questions and support our customers and their employees.


How it works now

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    Veidekke receives quarterly reports compliant with IFRS standards.

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    Awards overview

    Employees have access to our portal with full insight into their awards values.

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    Full instruments overview

    System administrators have access to all historical awards and costs.

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